Milio Group’s core activities span the O&G spectrum and are supported by niche projects and investments across a range of different sectors

Milio International O&G Activity


Milio International’s focus on crude and products trading is supported through activities across the O&G spectrum, including upstream, midstream and downstream fuel operations and infrastructure. We look to build long-term relationships with clients, suppliers, governments, partners and local communities which deliver lasting, shared value.

Milio International


Milio Group is a privately owned group of companies which operates as an O&G company through Milio International and as an investment and enabling partner across a range of niche service, products and projects.

Milio International Other Projects


Through its internationally diverse operations, Milio Group is often exposed to investment opportunities outside of the O&G world. Whilst our core focus will always be within oil and gas, growth and revenues are often supplemented through carefully selected, high-yield investments and participation in areas as diverse as agriculture, commercial retail development and financial technologies and pharma.

Milio developing LPG terminal in East Africa

Milio and its partners are at an advanced stage in developing a state-of-the-art LPG terminal facility in East Africa which will provide reliable, cost-effective bulk supplies of LPG which will then be distributed accoss the region by road and rail haulage operations.