As a company, we look to optimise our supply chains by designing, commissioning and operating a range of mid-stream assets and related transport infrastructure.

Our Technical Team has developed crude and product installations, on both a local and strategic scale, to ensure our supply chain remains reliable and flexible and our products remain of a consistently high quality. We have experience in developing port terminals, temporary and static storage solutions and blending, refining and LPG facilities as well as road, rail and air/seaport infrastructure - often in remote, challenging and complex environments.

As a significant infrastructure investor, Milio offers advisory services to clients looking to invest in oil, product and related transport infrastructure, in single and multiple asset transactions.


  • Sourcing & purchasing

    We maintain strong, established relationships with all the major oil producers, suppliers and refiners and source and purchase the best product, with the best possible terms, for our clients.

  • Trading

    We participate on all major platforms whilst maintaining a physical presence in all our local markets, where relationships between cause and effect are better understood.

  • Distribution & supply

    Our reputation is based on consistently delivering large volumes safely, securely and on time, often in the most challenging, complex environments in the world.

  • Upstream

    Alongside our own assets, we provide clients with the knowledge, expertise and methodologies across all areas and stages of exploration and production.

  • Terminalling

    When working in frontier environments, Milio seeks to strengthen its supply chains where possible through planning, constructing and operating new terminals.