Sourcing & purchasing

Milio maintains strong, established relationships with all the major oil producers, suppliers and refiners. We combine a global perspective with a deep understanding of local markets by maintaining a physical presence in all our areas of operation. This allows us to quickly assess multiple, real-time market dynamics to source and deliver crude and product, on the best possible terms.

Our company has a proven track record of directly purchasing crude at the wellhead, valuing and marketing new crudes into the market and structuring volume crude-product swaps. We source and purchase commercial and defence grade fuels from across the world and on a variety of Incoterms, to meet our clients’ requirements. We also offer complete commercial support services through our risk management, structured finance, hedging, insurance and investment expertise.

  • Trading

    We participate on all major platforms whilst maintaining a physical presence in all our local markets, where relationships between cause and effect are better understood.

  • Distribution & supply

    Our reputation is based on consistently delivering large volumes safely, securely and on time, often in the most challenging, complex environments in the world.

  • Infrastructure

    A record of developing port terminals, blending and refining plants, temporary and static storage solutions, LPG facilities and road, rail and port infrastructure.

  • Upstream

    Alongside our own assets, we provide clients with the knowledge, expertise and methodologies across all areas and stages of exploration and production.

  • Terminalling

    When working in frontier environments, Milio seeks to strengthen its supply chains where possible through planning, constructing and operating new terminals.