Where we work

Milio can collect and deliver crude and oil product cargoes anywhere in the world, however remote - be it desert, arctic, mountainous or jungle. If the project infrastructure is not there or is unsuitable, we can build or upgrade it to facilitate efficient, effective and lasting operations.

We maintain a strong emphasis on having local representatives wherever we work. Local knowledge and understanding of customs and cultural norms gives us the ability to assess markets more effectively and build stronger relationships with governments, regulators and service providers, for the ultimate benefit of our customers.

FSU & Central Asia

Our core business was established around the supply of crude oil and products throughout the FSU and Central Asia; Milio is the largest supplier of fuel volumes to international organisations in Afghanistan. We have been the driving force in designing and opening several new supply corridors within the Northern Distribution Network (‘NDN’) and are one of biggest users of the region’s rail networks. We have invested significantly in port, rail, trucking and storage facilities to ensure an unrivalled supply chain across the region.


Our operations in Africa are concentrated in, but not limited to, the territories of the East African Countries (EAC). We have made the first large commercial LPG imports into Mombasa Port, have been an offtaker and marketer of African crude and are undertaking seismic data-collection in our onshore exploration areas.

Europe & USA

We are both a significant supplier of crude to - and offtaker of product from – a range of Mediterranean, Northern European and US refineries. We have significantly utilised port, rail and storage infrastructure in Europe and are a trusted, long-term supplier to NATO and both European and US government agencies since 2002.

Middle East

Milio has sourced and supplied product into the Middle East, to both US Government agencies and the commercial market. We are also actively developing both storage infrastructure and upstream opportunities in the Middle East and Arabian Peninsula regions.