Milio International design and structure tailored solutions for our clients’ crude and oil products needs. We source, purchase, trade, store and deliver term and spot cargoes anywhere in the world, including difficult, complex and challenging environments.

Milio organises the logistics, transportation, refining, trading, hedging and finance activity for bulk crude oil and products delivery, including sustained, routine demands over extended periods.

We plan, build and invest in oil infrastructure, including ports, terminals, roads and rail facilities, in order to optimise our supply chains and mitigate associated market risks.

At Milio, we pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional service whilst maintaining a trustworthy, transparent and reliable approach in everything we do; our operations are undertaken with the ISO9001:2008 Certified Standards accreditation.

Milio: delivering on time, on spec and on price, anywhere in the world.

Milio International Sourcing and Purchasing


Milio maintains strong, established relationships with major oil producers, suppliers and refiners. We combine a global perspective with a deep understanding of local markets by maintaining a physical presence in all our areas of operation. This allows us to quickly assess multiple, real-time market dynamics to source and deliver crude and products, on the best possible terms.

Our company has a proven track record of directly purchasing crude at the wellhead, valuing and marketing new crudes into the market and structuring volume crude-products swaps. We source and purchase commercial and defence grade fuels from across the world and on a variety of Incoterms to meet our clients’ requirements. We also offer complete commercial support services through our risk management, structured finance, hedging, insurance and investment expertise.

Milio International Trading


We maintain a physical presence in all our local markets, where the real relationship between cause and effect is more understood. Our traders and operators combine theoretical and quantitative modelling methods with practical, real time market information in order to fully assess each trade’s risk exposure. This holistic approach is central to our reputation for trading ability, product quality and competitiveness.

Milio International Distribution


Milio provides term and spot crude and products distribution and supply services to commercial entities, government agencies and NGOs. Our unrivalled reputation is based on consistently delivering large volumes safely, securely and on time, often in the most logistically challenging and complex environments in the world.

By truly understanding the situations in which we work, our Operations and Logistics Teams design, implement and operate complex, niche supply routes via land, air and sea.

We combine traditional and innovative supply solutions to transport crude from inaccessible wellheads to the international market and deliver high-grade fuel products to remote locations, including areas of conflict and upheaval. Maintaining an excellent service across difficult terrains and environments is what we do best – all our operations take place under the ISO: 9001 Certified Standards accreditation.


As a company, we look to optimise our supply chains by designing, commissioning and operating a range of mid-stream assets and related transport infrastructure.

Our Technical Team has developed crude and products installations, on both a local and strategic scale, to ensure our supply chain remains reliable and flexible and our products remain of a consistently high quality. We have experience in developing port terminals, temporary and static storage solutions,blending, refining and LPG facilities as well as road, rail and air/seaport infrastructure – often in remote, challenging and complex environments.

As a significant infrastructure investor, Milio partners with clients looking to invest in oil, products and related transport infrastructure, in single and multiple asset transactions.

Alongside our own assets, we provide clients with the knowledge, expertise and methodologies across all areas and stages of exploration and production.


Our upstream capability encompasses the technical assessment, licensing, exploration, development, management and commercialisation of assets across the E&P sector, including those in our own portfolio.

Our team of highly experienced upstream specialists are able to provide the best knowledge, expertise and methodologies across all areas of upstream planning and execution.

The E&P portfolio has covered Africa, the Middle East and FSU countries

With our origins in the trading world, we participate on major platforms and undertake significant term contracts with the major market players. Spot cargoes also form an important part of our trading activities, utilising hedging and derivatives mechanisms to structure the best deals. We have significant experience in assaying, valuing and marketing new crudes for the international market.


The current LPG market in Kenya is over 300,000 MT per year and the estimated potential market could be well over 1,000,000 MT by 2027, as infrastructure constraints are removed and LPG becomes a more affordable fuel to a larger, more accessible, population. With this growth trend predicted across the entire East Africa region, Milio is developing an LPG terminal that will supply the region through this period of growth. Over the next 18 months, Milio will complete the construction of an LPG import terminal in Mombasa, Kenya. Diligence phases are complete, and the project has received the full backing of both the regional and national government. The Project makes use of a unique site, with a VLGC private berth and immediate access to major highway and railway for national and regional distribution.

The project is financed by the World Bank IFC.


Milio has invested in the capture of Landfill Gas (LFG) for energy production in the GCC region. Methane produced in landfills is twenty-five times more damaging to the environment than C02. There are currently no operational LFG operations in the Middle East apart from a pilot project in Dubai, operated by Milio’s partners. This facility is reducing CO2 emissions from the landfill site by over 350,000 tonnes (equivalent) per annum whilst producing 1MW of power.

With an award to build a second facility north of Dubai, Milio and its partners will be producing 30 MW of electricity whilst dramatically altering the energy environment in the UAE and wider GCC.